Is Your Garage Door Completely Safe?

In March of this year, the news of the 3-year old Palmdale child that was killed when a garage door fell on his head made neighborhood as well as national information headlines.


Months later on, a 6 year old kid and also a 33 year old lady passed away from similar causes, in different crashes; one was appealed the back and the various other on the neck. These aren’t separated situations. Every year, numerous kids and grownups pass away after being captured under a falling garage door that either cannot reverse or was neglected.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) cautions home owners to earn routine security checks on their garage doors to prevent further similar accidents. Here are a couple of preventative measures to remember:

Safe range – Garage openers and wall surface control systems need to be at least 5 feet far from the floor, and the door opener control button must be high enough that small children could not reach it.

It’s not a toy – Children should not, at any time, be permitted to have fun with the garage remote or any type of component of the door. Hitting the door with their hands and even a soft things may trigger the indoor mechanism to loosen as well as the door to malfunction when you least expect.

Familiarize yourself with the handbook – Read the door’s instruction manual and also comprehend the door’s emergency release feature to ensure that in situation of an emergency you’ll understand ways to operate it.

Regular monthly visual inspections and also maintenance checks – At least once a month, inspect your door as well as its part for damage. Pulleys, cords, springs, and rollers might malfunction when worn out. If your garage obtains obstructed somehow, hire a specialist. Don’t try to repair or change it on your own; get an experienced garage door repairman to do the task. Remember to oil the bearers, rollers, and also pivots with a light lube oil.

Regular monthly screening – You’ll never ever recognize if the garage door’s turning around system is functioning appropriately unless you test it. To do this, place a things – a piece of plywood or a roll of bathroom tissue – under the door’s course after that launch the control to let the garage door roll down. If it doesn’t turn around after touching the things, have it fixed. Check the turning around system on a monthly basis. If your garage door has an electric eye, make sure you evaluate this on a regular monthly basis also. If the door is old and also has no auto-reverse feature, consider changing it with a brand-new one that has safety features.

Finger security – Never position your fingers in between the door areas and also warn your children against this also.

Keep the garage door shut – Never – ever before – leave your door partially open. Besides placing your residence in danger for burglars, when the door is triggered once more it may take a trip down instead of up as well as strike whatever lies in its course.

The emergency situation release – If there’s a power failure and also you need to open up the garage door, utilize the emergency release to disengage the door from the opener. After the door is released you can run it manually. Once more, consult your instruction manual and find out how you can utilize this function.

Informing on your own and your children on right use as well as operation as well as taking correct care of your roller garage door will certainly aid you avoid unneeded mishaps and death. In Florida, you could call Precision Garage Door of Florida for your professional Florida garage door repair.